Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Up here in rural Maine. Maine's a great name for a CD. Not for a song, and probably not for a band. And now that I think of it, not for "a CD" either, but rather a good, full-length, feedback-through-a-harmony-strainer album. So don't no one steal it; I'll write an album called Maine someday. Not the next one, though...I think that ought to be Shoot for Empire. So don't no one steal that one either.

Hit our myspace for some new show info as well as how the hell you can get our new CD (April 1 release).

Link here. Some mornings you just wish you could break through the fucking screen and put your arms around someone and keep them safe forever.


relentlessivanlendl said...

what does the album cover for Maine look like?

jk said...

hmm. probably a dog on a porch.

Zimri said...

Good for people to know.